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Opportunity for 9/10 & VCAL students with TAC program

  • 16 Oct 2018 1:01 PM
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    Deeper Richer is a Learning Design company who build learning environments and experiences. You can see our work at deeperricher.com

    We are currently working with TAC and the Melbourne Museum to transform the Road Safety Experience Centre "Road to Zero" Exhibition into an Outreach Program for rural students in Yr 9-10 & VCAL.

    Road to Zero - http://www.roadtozero.vic.gov.au/

    We are seeking students (or classes) who would be willing to be part of our testing group. The experiences will be delivered on an iPad Pro and include AR and other interactive technology.

    Students would act as beta testers and be supported through the provision of feedback forms and guidance around what to look for. Most testing, we imagine, will involve one of our team visiting your school, talking about the development process, sharing some information and answering questions and then getting students to participate in testing.

    The finer details can be worked out and adapted to work for your school. At this stage, testing dfoes not have to be exclusively with rural students, we are testing the learning design and functionality. So, this request applies to any students and schools in Victoria.

    If you are interested, please just email me at daniel@deeperricher.com and we can work out the details.


    Daniel Donahoo

    Learning Producer

    Deeper Richer

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