Resources: Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies

The Digital Technologies curriculum exists within the Technologies learning area of the Australian Curriculum. Implementation will commence in Victorian schools from 2016 with full implementation expected in all Victorian schools by 2017. Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria will be supporting schools get digi-tech curriculum ready with an extensive range of resources and professional learning activities for members only. 

Start now to familiarise yourself with some of the terminology within this new P-10 curriculum.

Anyone can check out these initial resources but please note that you will need to be a DLTV member to access resources like these in the future!

The creation of these resources was funded by the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE)

We have created two videos and sets of infographics to help you understand and explain the terms algorithm and decomposition.

This 4 minute video covers
Algorithms Year 1 to Year 10

Algorithm Infographics


This 3 minute video covers
Decomposition Year 7 to year 10

Decomposition Infographics


The links below will take you to shorter videos that show only grade specific level. The first 35 seconds of each video is the same in each series. The level specific example follows.

Individual level Algorithm Videos

Algorithm 1-2

Algorithm 3-4

Algorithm 5-6

Algorithm 7-8

Algorithm 9-10

Individual level Decomposition Videos

Decomposition 7-8

Decomposition 9-10