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From the desk of DLTV President Ben Gallagher

Hi all,

Remote learning is certainly taking a toll on our school communities. There’s been lots of publicity about students' health and wellbeing issues including screen time. We are also thinking of all our VCE teachers and students undertaking assessments in unusual conditions.

On a more positive note, DLTV have been lucky enough to be successful in two grant applications called Connecting Learning to Work. Both are funded by DET and managed by the Australian Centre for Careers Education. These are exciting projects for us. Both will focus on the relationship between DigiTech and current careers as well as future careers, eg. Robotics, Cybersecurity, Gaming etc. We hope to have these projects completed during November.

Our Conference Committee has been hard at work, but we need to let you all know that our proposed face-to-face conference DigiCon, flagged for early December, will now be virtual with revised dates to be confirmed.
There are several reasons for this.

1. We can’t say for sure we won’t still be in lockdowns.

2. We are uncertain after all the most recent lockdowns what the appetite for face-to-face will be like amongst school communities.

3. Most importantly we were made aware that if a face-to-face conference becomes a COVID spreading event, the organisation can have major liabilities. As we work so closely with schools and teachers, we thought we would be wise to put all our energies into a virtual event.

Currently we’re looking at platforms and what times work best for teachers and school leaders. To this end we have developed a short survey to canvass opinions on the ideal timing of Digicon 2020. It can be found at,

Our VCE Applied Computing Teachers Conference will still take place on 5 November 2021, and will be online following the successful format in 2020 (booking available soon). Prior to that, you can now book to attend an Exam Prep Webinar for teachers taking place in the first week back into Term Four.

Our Journal 8.1 is now available to download at our website. While you’re there, why not look at some of our great resources we have been making available, including our case studies, DigiTech and ICT across the curriculum articles and our virtual modules for teachers.

At DLTV we believe strongly that every teacher is a DigiTech teacher and we know that we are only as strong as our membership. In September we will start a major membership drive for 2022 so keep an eye on your inbox and our website and newsletters.

As always if we help you in anyway in these trying times please just reach out, someone on our team will always get back to you.

Cheers Ben

DLTV ONLINE MODULES: Expand your mind

DLTV is pleased to announce the release of two major resources that've been keeping us busy during 2021. Both of these online modules can count toward VIT professional development requirements. The modules represent how DLTV has reached out to  provide members with  excellent opportunities for professional Learning despite the difficulties of  COVID lockdowns.

Our new virtual modulesDigital Technologies in your school, are designed to help you and your school get oriented for delivering Digital Technologies, with an emphasis on pedagogy and challenges for delivery.

The modules include informative and discussion videos, activities to complete, and opportunities for reflection. Those undertaking the modules can book to attend a live session to discuss the material with others.

This resource was made possible with support from the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Object-oriented Programming is often seen as an ambitious goal for both teachers and students. It is our aim to show how the concepts can be introduced in a way that is clear, fun, and addresses curriculum concepts for Secondary years around structured data.

Based on a successful full-day workshop, this resource includes:

  • informational videos at the start of each new major concept
  • tutorial videos for Python (JavaScript coming soon)

This resource was made possible with funding from Google Educator PD Grants.

Don't forget DLTV has been collecting a growing set of school snapshots over 2020-2021. Each case study explores a school's story so far implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum.

    Go to the Digital Technologies Virtual Workshop
    Go to the Object Oriented Workshop
    Go to the Case Studies

    AI WEBINARS AND RESOURCES: from The Digital Technologies Hub

    From our friends at the Digital Technologies Hub, learn how to teach AI in the classroom with the Hub's series of webinars, lesson plans and resources. Discover free professional learning opportunities for teachers introducing the fundamentals of AI, as well as lesson ideas and other resources to engage your students.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us, offering an exciting new way for students and teachers to explore the world.

    It also provides students with a meaningful way to engage with many of the core concepts and applications within the Australian Digital Technologies Learning Area (F–10), as well as a number of General Capabilities. You can choose between Primary or Secondary targeted workshops.

    VCE NEWS: Exam Prep webinar

    Kicking off Term Four, DLTV is hosting an Exam Prep webinar for teachers.

    Presenting teachers will show how they break down past exam questions with their students, as well as talk about some of the essential knowledge and common mistakes made in exams.

    The session is ideal for graduate and new teachers getting up to speed with their first VCE exam, as well as experienced teachers keen to discover insights and techniques from their peers.

    When: 4pm - 5pm, 7 Oct 2021

    Cost: Free

      More info and register

      Also, DLTV's annual VCE Applied Computing Teachers Conference will take place on Friday 5th November. Following the model of the conference in 2020, the full-day event will be online with short 40-min sessions throughout the day.

      Stay tuned for the booking page to be announced in our next newsletter.

        DLTV JOURNAL 8.1: Out now

        This latest issue of the journal serves as a celebration of the enthusiasm and celebration of the innovation and dynamism of our membership. In this issue you will find a variety of ideas and topics for a world that is increasingly comfortable with the idea of digital pedagogies.

        In addition to harnessing the affordances of technologies to optimise academic learning, we have also learnt that technologies can help enhance social connections within members of school communities. We have learnt that more than ever, social inclusion is vital for every child and young adult, and that we as teachers can create new methods and spaces for our young people to stay connected in times of crisis.

        To read your copy go to

        AWS FAMILY TECH: Online series

        AWS in Communities has recently released their complimentary Family Tech Series that enables families to participate in enjoyable and educational online STEM workshops and presentations at their own pace. 

        Families and communities around the world are invited to discover and play with the latest tech concepts, learn from technology subject matter experts, and learn more about cloud computing, and career paths in technology.

        The event offers a wide range of exciting content including tech keynote presentations, workshops and demos, a learning hub with educational videos for all ages and a careers corner. Something for everyone!

        This year, the program comes to you virtually due to social distancing guidelines still in place around the world.

        It will be available online in Australia at least until November this year and can be accessed at your own pace. You can also register here. Read our FAQ sheet for more information.

        BASTOW: Teacher Excellence Program (TEP)

        A reminder that applications for the Teaching Excellence Program (TEP) close on September 15. This flagship of the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership, is a one-year program for up to 500 teachers per year. Applications are now open for teachers across Government, Independent  and Catholic sectors and will be based in the Melbourne CBD as well as many regional Victorian Centres. Applications are also sought for Master Teachers to assist with the facilitation of the  course.

        PARTNER NEWS: Acer and DLTV partnership 

        Apologies for the incorrect links in our last newsletter.

        Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) exists to support Victorian teachers and schools in providing the best possible education to students. It’s also why Acer is a major industry partner to DLTV, because this objective aligns with Acer’s vision for the continued growth of the education sector. 

        “DLTV has a proud history in supporting Victoria teachers and students. We originally started as two separate groups focused on digital learning that were founded in the 1980s, then these groups merged to form DLTV in 2012,” explains DLTV Vice President, Matthew Harrison. “We aim to be a transformative community, where innovative teachers can come together, build connections, and learn from each other,

        Rod Bassi, Oceanic Sales Director at Acer, notes that the partnership is a “win win” for both organisations.

        “DLTV is a truly unique organisation that exists to provide leadership, support, services, programs and resources to all members,” he says. “While there are other organisations in other states that offer similar assistances, we believe that DLTV deliver these exceptionally well in Victoria, and that what they offer is sincerely engaging and meaningful to schools.”  

        The full article can be found here.

        An excellent video featuring Matt can be found at  

        Don't forget the Acer buyers guide which includes White-paper articles and case study videos. To view the full buyer's guide go to:

        Join acer for education academy for a cycle of webinars dedicated to deep-diving into the features of Microsoft Teams and learn how it can enable high-quality learning experiences in hybrid environments.

        If you attend our webinars, you will be entitled to a 15% discount voucher for purchasing on the Acer e-store. The voucher is valid only for EMEA countries, and you can request it by sending an email to Acer for Education.

        Webinars include: 

        • Hybrid Learning with Microsoft Teams (MIE)
        • Hybrid Learning in the Primary and Intermediate classroom 
        • Hybrid Learning: Remote Teaching Setup Practice

        Register now!

        STEM DELIVERY OFFER: Pakronics

        As most of our schools have pivoted to new ways of teaching remotely, Pakronics is playing its part to support and make the transition easy. In the last eighteen months, we have directly delivered more than 1000+ kits to students doing online classes as well 100+ teachers doing LIVE Professional Development.

        We are exclusively offering this service to our existing school network. If you or your school is looking forward to sending Arduino, micro:bit or mBot robot kits directly to your students then please email us to discuss further.

        INSPIRING WOMEN IN TECH: Virtual Workshop 

        Meet and interact virtually with five women who have inspiring jobs in technology 

        Each of the speakers will use graphics as they:

        • Explain what they do in their job on a typical day
        • Share what they like about their work
        • Provide a summary of their career journey summary since leaving school
        • Speak about challenges faced along the way & how they tackled them
        • Provide a word of advice to young female students embarking on their career journey

        There will an opportunity to send in questions to the speakers toward the end of the session. To register for this free event go to

        CYBER TEACHER: Virtual Workshop 2021

        LifeJourney is pleased to announce the 2021 edition of our Cyber Teacher online workshop series! 

        The Cyber Teacher course is a key component of the Australian Signals Directorate’s CyberEXP program. The workshops feature Australian teachers discussing their experiences teaching cyber security in the classroom, perspectives from industry professionals and a briefing on learning resources around the country. 

        Term 4 10th November 4:00 - 6:00pm AEST 

        CAREERS IN CYBER SECURITY: Secondary student webinar

        During this session students will learn about different career journeys in the cyber security field by hearing from professionals working in the field. The webinar will feature three professionals with varied backgrounds and experiences providing context of their pathways into the field, skills they utilise, projects they work on and advice for students. The last part of the webinar will allow for a Q&A. 

        9 September, 2021  1:30-3:00pm AEST

        Registration Link: 

        ADOBE WEBINARS: Upcoming and Virtual

        Add these upcoming Adobe webinars to your calendar.

        Be a Creative Educator Course 

        Be guided through the Adobe Creative Educator program with these next opportunities;

        • Wed 15th Sept, 4 PM to 6.30 PM (AEST)
        • Mon 18th Oct, 4 PM to 6.30 PM (AEST)
        • Tue 16th Nov, 4 PM to 6.30 PM (AEST)

        Inject Creativity Live

        YouTube Show on the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel

        Live every other Wednesday at 6.30 PM

        APAC Adobe Education Summit

        The APAC Adobe Education Summit is happening on Wednesday 29th September and is open to all educators in all sectors. It is free and virtual, so please invite your colleagues to join in this amazing professional learning opportunity by sending them the link –


        A recent PISA study looked at a range of  literacy skills such as how well students can  differentiate fact from opinion, "or detect biased information or malicious content such as phishing or fake news – skills essential in a world flooded by information from a variety of sources."

        The study found, "Australian students reported having learned all of these skills in school to a significantly greater extent than on average across the OECD countries." 

        It would seem we are ahead of the game when it comes to preparing our students, however one area of concern was the extent to which Australian students reported being taught how to detect phishing or spam emails.

        For more information read this report from Teacher Magazine.  

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