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This edition of the Journal of Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria provides you with a series of snapshots of what is occurring from around the world and the professional development program offered by DLTV allows you to follow up on any areas of interest that may be sparked by articles in this journal and to further enhance your skills and knowledge. 

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Using Meaningful Gamification to Design an Integrated Unit of Work

As part of undertaking a depth unit in instructional design, we were given the opportunity to design a unit of work that incorporates an online environment. Our broad goal was to create a unit of work for the upper primary years, integrating the humanities and literacy subjects. Our teaching and learning philosophies led us to explore GBL (Game-Based Learning) and other learning areas, modelled on games.

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Google Glass within Education

Google Glass, or just simply Glass, is a relatively new piece of wearable technology first released on a trial basis in April 2013. Glass is worn on the users head, with a small single screen display for one eye (see Figure 1) that appears around 25 inches is size to the user, and connecting via Wi-Fi to the internet (Borthwick, Anderson, Finsness, & Foulger, 2015).

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Minecraft and Grade 6 Science

Conducted with two classes of Grade 6 students during consecutive 50 minute sessions, in total 42 participants were involved with my project (24 boys and 18 girls). A 1:1 iPad program has been implemented at this large, South Eastern suburbs government school and all students with their own devices are able to access the school server, enabling students to join each other's worlds to work collaboratively on the challenge. 

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Previous Journals

Issue 3.1 (2016)

This issue explores the use of gamification to design unit of work and how gaming has been used in learning. Read about Google Glass and its impact in the classroom as well as the effects of screen time. In this issue you will also find out about the new Digital Technologies curriculum and hear from the editors.  Read more

Issue 2.2 (2015)

We are pleased to bring you another bumper edition of the journal that provides you with insights into the ways in which teachers are using digital technologies as part of their classroom practice in a range of contexts. This edition has articles featuring digital technologies and theoretical frameworks such as SAMR and TPACK. Read more.

Issue 2.1 (2015)

In this edition of the journal you will find articles on using flowcharts to introduce computational thinking, autism and iPads and positive side effects to coding in the classroom as well as our regular VCAA corner and App Smash. Also hear about the experiences of pre service teachers and the art of eLearning. Read more.

Issue 1.2 (2014)

This edition of the DLTV journal celebrates our connections locally, nationally and internationally. It provides insights into local practices and opportunities for your own professional development in 2015. This might take the form of trialling some of the new classroom based apps reviewed in Rebecca Davies' “App Smash” article or sinking your teeth into data-logging with Suzanne Kenneally. Read more

Issue 1.1 (2014)

This issue focuses on using or programming digital games in the classroom. The range of articles curated include different approaches, technologies and contexts that cater for educators working in early years contexts through to VCE and tertiary settings and will introduce the notions of game based learning and gamification.  Read more

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