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Case studies - Digital Technologies school implementation

These snapshots from 2020-2021 provide examples of how a range of Victorian schools are implementing delivery and assessment of the Digital Technologies learning area.

Each snapshot includes:

  • key information and video interviews
  • implementation documents in a common format
  • advice from DLTV and Australian Computer Society (ACS)


Please note, this project is still underway, with school snapshots being added over the course of 2021.

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Fawkner Primary School is completing the transition from a legacy ICT-heavy program to a more thorough Digital Technologies implementation.

Progress category (Feb 2021)
starting out     building practices    consolidating practices

Lakes Entrance Primary school has been in a period of exploration and investigation of STEM and Digital Technologies-related tools, resources and learning approaches.

Progress category (Jun 2021)
starting out     building practices    consolidating practices

Mackellar Primary School is an Apple Distinguished School with a deliberate approach to empower classroom teachers to take ownership of the DigiTech curriculum with regular coaching from specialists within a dedicated STEM space.

Progress category (Feb 2021)
starting out     building practices    consolidating practices

Pakenham Springs Primary School has begun utilising relevant learning technologies and setting aside dedicated staff, resources and time for the delivery of the Digital Technologies learning area. Their current approach also looks for opportunities to integrate skills and knowledge with other learning areas.

Progress category (Feb 2021)
starting out     building practices    consolidating practices

St John's College, Preston has timetabled Digital Technologies classes in the Secondary years, access to appropriate tools, and a growing understanding of the curriculum content by leading teachers. Encouraging and supporting the classroom teachers in the Junior school is a challenge that is just beginning.

Progress category (April 2021)
starting out     building practices    consolidating practices

Wallan Primary School has been developing their Digital Technologies program with a strong focus on coding, benefiting from a specialist teacher.

Progress category (Feb 2021)
starting out     building practices    consolidating practices

Older format case studies

The following case studies were prepared in an earlier format.

Christ the King Primary School, Newcomb 

Christ the King Primary School takes a whole school approach to designing rich learning tasks, using design thinking to solve real world problems.


Kew High School takes a cross curricular approach when implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum. Bernie McGrath explores how the curriculum was designed with a STEM model.

BRAUER COLLEGE (SECONDARY) - real world applications, really challenging

In early 2018, Brauer College in Warrnambool took an unfocused ICT curriculum with leftover electronics technology from a Trade and Technologies history, and adopted a serious project-based learning approach to the Digital Technologies curriculum, using Arduino electronics.

ASHWOOD SCHOOL - catering for students with mild intellectual disabilities 

Ashwood School staff have worked with the Victorian Government in designing and implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum for students with disabilities. When the new curriculum was launched, ICT became integrated into all subject areas and the new Digital Technologies curriculum became a specialist subject.

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