I Dare You To Be There: Remember Who You Are!

Remembering who I am I am not an avatar nor am I an id I am not my Twitter nor my online identity I am not my LinkedIn and my blog isn’t me I’m a mom and a teacher in all simplicity. Tis easy to get caught up in “being something” more when what I am to be is often the two feet on my floor.

Apple Education – Books on iBooks

  The Apps in the Classroom series was created by Apple to provide teachers with a few ideas on how to integrate apps into daily classroom instruction. Inspired by Apple Distinguished Educators.. Source: itunes.apple.com

5 Reasons Your Portfolio Should Be A Blog

Earlier this year, I wrote five reasons why your portfolio should be online.  As I do more work and sharing with portfolios, I think it is important to actually going one step further and talk about the benefits of why a “blog” specifically is beneficial as a portfolio.