5 Reasons Your Portfolio Should Be A Blog

Earlier this year, I wrote five reasons why your portfolio should be online.  As I do more work and sharing with portfolios, I think it is important to actually going one step further and talk about the benefits of why a “blog” specifically is beneficial as a portfolio.

A Rural Education

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Patience for Learning

Many new to social media, marvel how easy it is for people to share with an audience, get answers back, and make connections.  The problem is they see the power in that, and want to be able to create that right away.

Planning for an inquiry into digital citizenship…

Today’s collaborative planning session with the Year 5 team is both challenging and invigorating. There are 7 of us in the room and one digital participant. The conversation is impassioned and (mostly) focused as we debate, disagree and eventually reach some common understandings.

Geography Walk meets TwitterTour

How often have you found a bug in the park and wondered what it is? Would you like to have the services of an entomologist at your immediate service?  Have you wondered what the street you are walking along looked like 40 years ago?  Your answers can be at your fingertips