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Teaching Digital Technologies

DLTV resources for implementing Digital Technologies at your school.

Virtual workshops

Digital Technologies in your school

A growing collection of online learning modules focusing on delivery of the Digital Technologies curriculum in schools.

Object-oriented programming: getting started for Australian teachers

This series of videos and tutorials is designed to introduce Secondary teachers to this way of coding in a fun, simple way.

School case studies

Access the case studies

Read and hear about the experiences of Victorian schools implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum.

Classroom of the future

Access the resource

Developed for the 2022 National Education Summit, this site brings together information and interviews related to the design of spaces and tools for future classrooms.

DigiTech and ICT across the curriculum

A growing series of articles co-produced with subject associations for other Learning Areas:

Careers in DigiTech

Access the resources

Interviews, guides and lesson plans to support teachers in advising students on DigiTech-relevant careers, including specific material for encouraging female students.

Videos and other resources

Webinar recordings

Videos: presentations, interviews and tutorials

Physical Tech from Go to WHOA!: an online micro:bit text

The DLTV Podcast (2018-2019)


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