A Small (and Powerful) Gesture

As I am sitting on the plane, I receive the following tweet from one of the best people I know in the world, Mary Jane Burke: Thanks to @gcouros! Marin Superintendents will be sharing your book far and wide! pic.twitter.com/bRPG38fFGc — mary jane burke (@burkemaryjane) February 5, 2016

Allowing students to shine

Probably the greatest pleasure I had as a classroom teacher was giving my students a chance to shine and encouraging them to show off their hard work and talent to an authentic audience.

Learner-Centered Design

Greg Whitby shared this post by Richard Branson, referencing the book, “The End of Average” by Todd Rose (how is that for an “inception” sentence to start off a blog post!). In it, he shares a great story of end-user designed innovation, as well as his own experience in education:

Kids These Days!

I was setting up to speak this morning, and this wonderful young lady came up to me, unable to contain her excitement and said, “Oh! You are George Couros! You are my teacher’s hero!”