Growing the conversation

The world of connected educators can be an echo chamber at times, how WILL you grow the conversation so that we bring more people and perspectives along the journey?  This is the topic of #youredustory this week and it was a topic I put forward.

Unblocking a Smart Extruder

The MakerBot Smart Extruder is “smart” in many areas, but they still can not find a clog and then subsequently unclog it by themselves. We are probably still a few generations of printer away before these extruder’s can be completely automated when it comes to self-diagnosis and repair.

A blank canvas – Part II

This post is in response to a comment I received in relation to my “Blank Canvas” post and and expands on my thoughts in relation to my ideal learning space. I remember once having this idea that I wanted to start the year with a totally empty classroom.

My Ideal Learning Space

Put together a design brief for a new learning space. I approached this task like stream of consciousness, so I brainstormed all of the items I would like in my ideal learning space. So, in no particular order…