Would you tweet that?

I have been really focusing on how social media can not only connect us with others around the globe, but within our own school.  Here is something that I have been encouraging others to think about:

Making space for innovation…

When did you last spring clean your school events calendar? Are there items that you’ve had for years and may be ready to be modified, improved, replaced or thrown out? Are there things that don’t match any more? Don’t fit any more? Don’t work any more? Don’t excite you any more?

Alec Couros’ 6 Epic Educational Truths

Every Classroom Matters Episode 193 When you see an accomplished educator like Alec Couros, it is easy to think that he’s always been this way. You might believe that he’s never made mistakes. You might think that everything was perfect from day one.

Hour of Code is coming!

In 2015, Google Australia is partnering to support the national rollout of Code.org’s global Hour of Code campaign. The Hour of Code is an introduction to computer science designed to show that anyone can learn the basics.

Keys to Coding

Thanks to Wendy Macpherson, DET for this blog post idea. Recently I came across this image that highlights ‘10 Reasons to Teach Coding’.