No Shortage of Road

I used to be a pretty good runner, in what seems like forever a go.  I used to run marathons and would wake up every morning with my shorts and socks on (literally), so I could just brush my teeth, put on my shoes, and take off.  I was good at it because I would run a lot.

Focusing on What Students Can Do

I had the privilege of speaking to middle school and high school students on the notion of “Digital Leadership”, which I wrote a definition for in 2013: Using the vast reach of technology (especially the use of social media) to improve the lives, well-being, and circumstances of others.

Beyond Knowing

Recently at a workshop, one of amazing educators in the room talked about the shift in language from a “fixed mindset” to a “growth mindset”.  She made this distinction: Fixed Mindset –> “I don’t know.” Growth Mindset –> “I don’t know…yet.”

The art of noticing.

My daughter borrowed KooKoo Kookaburra by Gregg Driese from the school library last week (absolutely beautiful story) and as we were reading I came across this gem. You have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth. So you should look and listen twice as much as you speak.

Innovation at Haileybury

When I was judging the Victorian chapter of the Young ICT Explorers Competition, I came across a unique project from a group of four very creative Year 9 girls at Haileybury in Melbourne.