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Ben Gallagher

Hi all, this our special EdSummit edition. The reason we’re doing this is because a few of our committee members and staff are presenting at the EdSummit.

You can find out more about our sessions and presentations at this link. CLICK HERE.

The other reason we’re making this a special EdSummit edition is because we are assisting with EdSummit’s Classroom of the Future project.

Again CLICK HERE to find out more information about this exciting concept.

We would be delighted  to see you in person at the Summit and meet the DLTV team, it is on Friday 17th and Saturday the  18th of June at the Melbourne Convention centre. It’s a great opportunity to get a breath of fresh air and de-stress away from your school with time to reflect and expand your horizons. Or simply just to re-engage with your colleagues and maybe network over a beverage or two.

For more information re the EdSummit visit their home page.

As you’ll see later in this newsletter, we are returning to face-to-face workshops. I would strongly encourage you to attend the one titled

“Learning from anywhere: Designing a seamless hybrid learning experience” this is a free event and is being held at Google headquarters in Melbourne so another fantastic opportunity for you to network in a  very interesting space.

16 May 2022, 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM @ Google Melbourne Office, Level 1, 161 Collins St, Melbourne 

We have fixed (fingers crossed) the issue of html code appearing in the text of our newsletter. If you are still experiencing this could you please contact our manager, Kevin Daly at

If you haven’t seen some of our new resources visit here I would encourage you to look at the DigiTech Careers site great resources here for teachers to build a unit around.

Our AGM is very soon on the 11th of May. This is an opportunity for you to consider becoming a member of our committee of management. The AGM will be a virtual event to allow for as many interested people as possible to attend. Please Register Here to attend.

As always reach out if we can support you in any way. We are only ever a phone call or an email away


Ben Gallagher

President DLTV and ACCE

(Australian Council for Computers in Education)

Classroom of the Future competition

DLTV and the National Education Summit are joining forces in an exciting new venture. The National Education Summit is being held on Friday June 17 and Saturday June 18 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

Our joint venture will be to create a 'Classroom of the Future' at the Summit. The classroom will showcase innovative and progressive ideas around what the students of today will need in their tomorrows. We're not just talking gadgets and the latest in AI and robotics (although we will include some emerging tech). But what pedagogical practices will our students benefit from? What spaces will encourage our students to thrive? How will spaces be designed to create environments that are firstly environmentally friendly, and also physically stimulating as well as promoting physical and emotional wellness? How might global warming impacts such as floods and bushfires and pandemic events impact on our models of education?

To begin the process we will promote and showcase a number of talented thought leaders to speak at the Summit. However we would love our members thoughts as well. What is your view of a Classroom of the Future? Will it be same old same old with a splash of bright paint, a new IWB, devices for all and space to move a few chairs around? Can you collect your ideas and send them to us at DLTV?

We are offering two free tickets to the Summit plus a $100 Gift Card from DLTV.

Please submit entries using a format of your choice to

DLTV are proud to be a Supporting Partner of the National Education Summit Melbourne 2022, 17 & 18 June at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

DLTV members will receive a 10% discount off all fees. Early Bird rates currently apply should you want to plan your 2022 PD after the Christmas break. Enter the code DLTV22 at registration.

Upcoming workshops & webinars


DLTV Case Studies - Implementing Digital Technologies

DLTV has been collecting a growing set of school snapshots over 2020-2021. Each case study explores a school's story so far implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum.

  • biggest successes and challenges
  • level band overviews in a common format
  • a spotlighted unit of work
  • video interview segments
  • input from DLTV and the Australian Computing Society

We are grateful for the time and effort made by teachers and DigiTech leaders at the participating schools. Every school is at a different point on this journey.

Go to the case studies

Hot on the heels of our Object-Oriented virtual workshop, DLTV is pleased to announce the release of a major resource that's been keeping us busy during 2021.

Our new virtual modules, Digital Technologies in your school, are designed to help you and your school get oriented for delivering Digital Technologies, with an emphasis on pedagogy and challenges for delivery.

The modules include informative and discussion videos, activities to complete, and opportunities for reflection. Those undertaking the modules can book to attend a live session to discuss the material with others.

We didn't want to reinvent the wheel by providing a basic introduction to Digital Technologies curriculum, though we do provide links to recommended starting points.

5 of the 10 planned modules are now available, with others to be released progressively.

This resource was made possible with support from the Victorian Department of Education and Training.




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