From the Desk of DLTV’s President
Ben Gallagher

Hi All,

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a well-earned break and are refreshed and ready to go for the last leg of the school year.

Today I’d like to write about the importance of membership of DLTV.

During the rapid response to COVID, DLTV made the conscious decision to support teachers by making many of our resources publicly available at very short notice. We know this made a positive difference for Victorian educators. For example, over 3000 teachers accessed our remote teaching resource bank that was co-created by you, our members. We also provided a significant number of grants for teachers looking to experiment with innovations in teaching and learning, as we knew that other sources of funding were difficult to acquire during this period. DLTV made this decision because the majority of us are currently teachers or have teaching backgrounds, and felt as an organisation this was the time to give back to teachers in what has been a really difficult two years. However, as COVID becomes the new normal and we learn to live with it, DLTV will be gradually putting resources behind a member-only firewall to ensure our continued viability as a charity.

Professionally it is our member base that allows us to support all teachers, and gave us the capacity to create these resources in a time of need.

There are many benefits to being a member including discounts for resources and conferences. In a lot of cases the discounting actually covers the cost of the membership.

Schools who are members and know us can testify that we are always responsive and helpful. We see ourselves as serving teachers and schools, but can only do this because of our paid members.

A few of the things you don’t see which we can only do through a strong membership are:

  • supporting teachers and schools with bespoke workshops and consultancies tailored to their needs (access information here);
  • working with the Department of Education and Training Victoria and the Federal Government to find solutions to support out-of-field teachers;
  • actively leading and advocating for teachers in state and national reviews, such as the recent ACARA Digital Technologies curriculum revisions;
  • promoting Digital Technologies at conferences such as EduTECH, National Education Summit, PAX and Games for Change; and
  • working with industry partners such as Google and Adobe, and non-profit organisations such as ESA and ISV to ensure Digital Technologies teachers have a voice.

The best way to become a member is to apply for a School Membership, allowing the school administrator to nominate staff who will then all benefit from the membership.

I would strongly encourage you to budget for a DLTV School Membership in 2023 to support your colleagues and our proud, teacher-led organisation. To find out more, visit our Membership page.


Ben Gallagher

President DLTV and ACCE

(Australian Council for Computers in Education)

Become a DLTV member in 2022

We produced extensive webinars and online professional learning resources during 2020 and 2021. We are committed to teachers, students, parents, and schools, and much of what we do is free.

To continue providing workshops for the community of Digital Technologies and VCE Applied Computing educators, we need the support of individual and school members.

Members receive discounts on paid events and resources, and priority access to support from our staff and committee where possible.

Join now, or click the image below for our flyer.

Upcoming workshops & webinars


DLTV Case Studies - Implementing Digital Technologies

DLTV has been collecting a growing set of school snapshots over 2020-2021. Each case study explores a school's story so far implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum.

  • biggest successes and challenges
  • level band overviews in a common format
  • a spotlighted unit of work
  • video interview segments
  • input from DLTV and the Australian Computing Society

We are grateful for the time and effort made by teachers and DigiTech leaders at the participating schools. Every school is at a different point on this journey.

Go to the case studies

Our new virtual modules Digital Technologies in your school are designed to help you and your school get oriented for delivering Digital Technologies, with an emphasis on pedagogy and challenges for delivery.

The modules include informative and discussion videos, activities to complete, and opportunities for reflection. Those undertaking the modules can book to attend a live session to discuss the material with others.

We didn't want to reinvent the wheel by providing a basic introduction to Digital Technologies curriculum, though we do provide links to recommended starting points.

5 of the 10 planned modules are now available, with others to be released progressively.

This resource was made possible with support from the Victorian Department of Education and Training.



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