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Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria, is a community with access to professional learning, support, advocacy and a vibrant network of passionate educators.

DLTV provides innovative and comprehensive professional support to all educators from pre-service teachers to principals covering early years to careers. 

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Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) is a professional teachers’ association that has a proud history of providing leadership and innovation in digital education to an extensive membership group. DLTV comprehensively provides support to teachers working across the breadth of curriculum offerings including Digital Technologies (P-10), ICT capabilities,  VCE Computing and Algorithmics and 'VCE VET in Information, Digital Media and Technology.

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Expressions of interest

Digital Teaching and Learning of Victoria is calling for expressions of interest from Computing teachers  to write practice exams for Software Development, Informatics and Computing Units 1 and 2.


DLTV's Annual Conference 2017

Registration is now open!

This year’s Conference will be July 27th & 28th, 2017.

 Participants will have the opportunity to hear from some fantastic keynote speakers and many more presenters from schools and universities.

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DLTV provides professional resources for educators. Members can view webinar recordings, reviews, case studies and videos about digital learning and teaching.


DLTV Journal

The biannual journal is prepared for members and professional associates of DLTV and features articles regarding digital learning and teaching. 

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VCE Resource Kit

The VCE Computing Resource Kit has been developed based on teacher and student needs. The Resource Kit content was designed by teachers for teachers.

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