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Ben Gallagher

Well, here we are at Week Three already and it’s great to see so many students slowly returning to school, even if they must wear facemasks.

I just wanted to alert you to the fact that DLTVs free webinar series are starting up again this week. Our first one is being delivered by Catherine Newington, the Educators' Specialist at the Australian Computing Society of which DLTV is a member. She is also on the DLTV committee and executive.

Catherine has been assisting DLTV with several projects over the last few years and I would personally like to take the time to thank her for her ongoing contributions to us.

You can still sign up for the webinar titled Making DigiTech and ICT mainstream. This is a pet topic of Catherine’s, and she has produced several articles with other subject associations about it. These are all available at our website, and Catherine assures me there’s more coming.

Don’t forget about our VCE day on the 5th of November.

It is with a heavy heart that I would like to inform our readers of the passing of Leon Guss one of DLTV’s life members. You can read more about Leon’s contribution to education in this newsletter. Our sympathies go out to his family.

Our annual membership drive is well under way and our finance office Lola Kroger has been working hard to ensure all your questions are answered.

DLTV has some exciting offers for both existing members and to attract new ones. Including our highly successful “Gifting” and “Elevating” offers. Remember we are only as strong as our membership base; without you we simply wouldn’t exist.

If you haven’t received an email about membership or have further queries, please contact our manager Kevin Daly.

Finally, I hope the next few weeks of term go well for you and your school.

As always reach out if we can support you in any way.

Cheers, Ben

Acer and DLTV Partnership

Acer has published an article outlining the benefits our partnerships offers both parties.

Digital learning and teaching are critical components of a contemporary education. This is why the organisation Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) exists — to support Victorian teachers and schools in providing the best possible education to students. It’s also why Acer is a major industry partner to DLTV, because this objective aligns with Acer’s vision for the continued growth of the education sector. 

“DLTV has a proud history in supporting Victoria teachers and students. We originally started as two separate groups focused on digital learning that were founded in the 1980s, then these groups merged to form DLTV in 2012,” explains DLTV Vice President, Matthew Harrison. “We have a vibrant network of life members from both founding organisations who continue to support the next generation of digital educators.” Matt continued, “We aim to be a transformative community, where innovative teachers can come together, build connections, and learn from each other,

Rod Bassi, Oceanic Sales Director at Acer, notes that the partnership is a “win win” for both organisations.

“DLTV is a truly unique organisation that exists to provide leadership, support, services, programs and resources to all members,” he says. “While there are other organisations in other states that offer similar assistances, we believe that DLTV deliver these exceptionally well in Victoria, and that what they offer is sincerely engaging and meaningful to schools.”  

The full article can be found here

Hot on the heels of our Object-Oriented virtual workshop, DLTV is pleased to announce the release of a major resource that's been keeping us busy during 2021.

Our new virtual modules, Digital Technologies in your school, are designed to help you and your school get oriented for delivering Digital Technologies, with an emphasis on pedagogy and challenges for delivery.

The modules include informative and discussion videos, activities to complete, and opportunities for reflection. Those undertaking the modules can book to attend a live session to discuss the material with others.

We didn't want to reinvent the wheel by providing a basic introduction to Digital Technologies curriculum, though we do provide links to recommended starting points.

5 of the 10 planned modules are now available, with others to be released progressively.

This resource was made possible with support from the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

DLTV Case Studies - Implementing Digital Technologies

DLTV has been collecting a growing set of school snapshots over 2020-2021. Each case study explores a school's story so far implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum.

  • biggest successes and challenges
  • level band overviews in a common format
  • a spotlighted unit of work
  • video interview segments
  • input from DLTV and the Australian Computing Society

We are grateful for the time and effort made by teachers and DigiTech leaders at the participating schools. Every school is at a different point on this journey.

Go to the case studies

DLTV is excited to share this new, free online resource for Secondary teachers, which we developed over 2021.

Object-oriented Programming is often seen as an ambitious goal for both teachers and students. It is our aim to show how the concepts can be introduced in a way that is clear, fun, and addresses curriculum concepts for Secondary years around structured data.

Based on a successful full-day workshop, this resource includes:

  • informational videos at the start of each new major concept
  • tutorial videos for Python (JavaScript coming soon)

This resource was made possible with funding from Google Educator PD Grants.

Go to the OBJECT ORIENTED Programming

    This resource was made possible with funding from Google Educator PD Gra

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