BiG Day In – Sunshine Coast

The BiG Day In is an IT careers conference designed by students for students in association with the Australian Computer Society Foundation. It is designed for both high school (Years 9-12) and University students interested in careers in technology and involves events throughout Australia.

‘Tweeting’ our way to Reading and Writing

Young children cannot use social media on their own. That does not mean they cannot use it, guided by their teacher as a great way to share their learning and to develop their literacy skills along the way. Our last baby chick has arrived!!

The Policies In Your Head

Working with educators and trying to help challenge the traditional notion of schooling, many of them will come to me privately and say, “I would love to do some of this stuff, but our policies won’t allow us.”  When I talk to their principals though and ask them about those same policies, they will

Adobe Education Leaders Summit – Hong Kong

The Adobe Education Leadership Summit moved to Hong Kong this week with an all day event on Tuesday April 19 at The Mira Hotel. The Adobe Hong Kong team did a great job putting this event together which included about 56 leaders from about 40 Hong Kong universities and schools.

10 ways for leaders to encourage agency…

My school’s focus this year, more than ever, is on student ownership and many teachers have set themselves the goal of increasingly letting go.  It’s been six years since I wrote 10 ways to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and it’s still the post with the most hits on thi