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DLTV is an affiliated organisation with the ACCE (Australian Council for Computers in Education). The ACCE is the national professional body for those involved in the use of information and communications technology in education. This includes educators who teach computing/information technology subjects as well as all educators who strive to improve student learning outcomes through the powerful use of ICT.

Members of DLTV are eligible for the ACCE Professional Associate structure, that recognises the contributions of affiliate members and DLTV members are invited to use their ACCE associate level as professional signatures at any time. There are three levels in the Professional Associate structure.

ACCE Associate

This level can be used automatically as the professional signature for current individual members of DLTV. All current individual members of DLTV will automatically be granted ACCE Associate status and be entitled to use ACCE Associate in their professional signatures.

ACCE Professional Associate 

This level is awarded by DLTV, according to ACCE policy, to current members who demonstrate commitment to digital technology education activities and knowledge through the DLTV and ACCE structures. To qualify for this professional status level, ACCE associates are required to show an active involvement in DLTV or in the national association, and demonstrate a commitment to the aims and objectives of ACCE by taking a leadership role in promoting and supporting the use of learning technology in Australian educational communities.

ACCE Professional Associate requires:

  • Current individual DLTV membership
  • Significant contribution to DLTV or ACCE events, publications, management teams or working parties within the last year

A points system for contributions will be adopted by DLTV in approving applications for ACCE Professional Associate. You need to earn 20 points per year, with 10 points for each of the following:

  • Contribution to a DLTV publication
  • Contribution to online communities
  • Presentation at a DLTV conference
  • Membership of the conference working party
  • Organising professional development
  • Delivery of professional development
  • Member of a management committee
  • Significant contribution to DLTV or ACCE management

To obtain ACCE Professional Associate status, educators will be required contact to DLTV to complete an application process. Should the application be successful, educators will receive an ACCE Professional Associate certificate and be entitled to use the title ACCE Professional Associate in their professional signature. ACCE Professional Associate registrations must be renewed every year when educators renew membership or apply for membership.

ACCE Fellow 

This level will be awarded occasionally to outstanding DLTV members who significantly contribute to national digital technology education activities and knowledge, or who have a significant history of leadership within ACCE. A Fellow would be selected where the applicant has a current membership of DLTV and satisfies one of the following criteria:

  • A long history of outstanding contributions or continuous service to ACCE
  • A major contribution of national significance consistent with the purposes of ACCE, as stated in the ACCE rules

A person given an ACCE Fellow may use the title ACCE Fellow in their professional signature. There is no time limit on the use of this signature but it must state the year in which ACCE Fellow was awarded. The Board of the ACCE will determine if a person may be awarded a fellow status.


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