Tomorrow Sport

4 Apr 2016 9:06 PM | Melinda Cashen (Administrator)

Tomorrow Sport is an interactive Web 2.0 based online competition where small teams of students complete weekly challenges to gain a position on the Leaderboard (much like the AFL Ladder).

With a new look and feel, it’s heading this way in Term 2 and 3 in 2016.

Want to play? It’s free! The challenges are best suited to Years 5 and 6 and we’re heading towards challenges for Years 7 and 8 in 2017.

How do you Play?

  • A teacher registers their class in teams (make sure there are no more than 5 students per team)
  • Registrations will be checked, approved and a return notification will be sent
  • Teams are logged in by the teacher
  • The teacher elects a Captain of each team and provides them with login details. Captains will be responsible for downloading challenges and submitting responses
  • Each team of students will create their own team name, designing team colours and will be given weekly challenges on the website, all with football related themes
  • Each week for 6 weeks of Term 2 and Term 3, there will be a challenge shown on the website
  • Teams complete activities that contribute to points
  • Teams will compete for the highest placing on a score ladder – the Leaderboard
  • Challenges submitted will be given a score out of 5 from their homeroom teacher and from a judging panel from DLTV and the AFL

Start implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum with Tomorrow Sport. Term 2 challenges starting April 11.

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