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Join now to become a member of Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria, a community with access to professional learning, support, advocacy and a vibrant network of passionate educators.

DLTV provides an innovative and comprehensive professional support to all educators from pre-service teachers to principals covering early years to careers.

In 2017 we will provide an increasing range of benefits to members. These will include:

  • Quality professional learning opportunities
  • Online resources and communities
  • Access to the latest information from teaching and learning authorities including, ACCE, ACARA, VCAA, DEECD, along with the major tertiary institutions
  • Classroom support from a range of experts in education
  • Discounts to professional development events, including the Annual Conference and regional conferences
  • Free online sessions


Members of Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria are the first to hear about the quality professional learning offerings. As well as access to both face to face workshops and online webinars, members also receive large discounts to these events.


With new resources added regularly members can access quality videos, webinar recordings, case studies and resources to support learning and teaching. With the membership login, members gain exclusive access to a variety of resources.


Members are kept up to date with the latest information from  teaching and learning authorities including, ACCE, ACARA, VCAA, DET, along with the major tertiary institutions as well as the latest digital learning news through the fortnightly DLTV news


Members have exclusive access to the biannual journal full of articles from leading educators and researchers from Victoria, Australia and across the world. The journal, sent right to your inbox, is a high quality publication keeping you up to date with educational technologies.

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